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Amira Capital

Investment fund.
We invest in Blockchain technologies and digital assets.

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Amira Capital

Amira Capital is an investment fund for digital assets management. The main activity of the fund is a long-term investment in technologies in Blockchain and digital assets.


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Long Fund

Long-term investment in the most promising cryptoprojects in the market. The yield of long-term investment is from 1 year higher than that of short-term investments. Asset security is due to a unique diversified portfolio and method of storing funds.

Investing in cryptprojects in the early stages. Investors of Amira Capital get the opportunity to enter exclusive projects, thereby increasing the amount of potential profit. Expertise of the portfolio is guaranteed by the fund in full, including - advising a personal investment adviser at all stages of the Investor's and Fund's cooperation.

We are open to cooperation with innovative technology projects. Is your project a new technological breakthrough?

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Due to the high liquidity of the market, the percentage of profit is the same for any amount invested: for both 100,000 and $ 100,000,000. Managing assets, the fund takes care of security, so it does not use risky short-term speculation, but invests in the best world crypt projects. The work of the fund is based on the analysis of market needs and the search for promising directions.


Amira Capital offers managed and predictable investments. The Fund ensures high safety of our investors' assets using the system of distributed cold storage. The legal protection of both parties is guaranteed by the Swiss legal framework.


In Amira Capital specialists from various branches of fundamental sciences and business work. The team unites the analysts of Blockchain-industry, traders, programmers, financiers and specialists in mathematical modeling.


Fund experts conduct a fundamental analysis of each project and the team of creators, including economic and technological. Analysts of the fund conduct a thorough study of all factors, both external and internal, affecting the market. This makes it possible to form the most profitable investment strategy.

International connections

Leading specialists of the Foundation are acting speakers at international conferences of the crypto industry. Amira Capital obtains up-to-date and reliable information first-hand, thanks to its personal acquaintance with the development teams, other opinion leaders and industry professionals.


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